Jump Start to Recovery Class Three April 2018

Homework for Week Three

Download my book “Language of Recovery.” You will find the download in Lecture 46 of the online Jump Start to Recovery course.

There is a suggested activity that I introduce in the beginning of the book.

Do it before reading further! 

Big Picture Idea for the Class Today

The body is a complex miracle. There are no simple explanations for imbalances that exist.

The good news is that your body knows how to address imbalances when it has the support it needs.

When the authentic process of healing used by the body is not understood, people hold the belief that the power to heal resides outside of them.  Extrinsic methods of healing are pursued to fix a “broken” body.

Example of: The Solution is “Out There” not within

Monitor your thoughts about whatever choices you make concerning your recovery plan and program.

Are you thinking…

“Well – I have doubts about whether doing “x” will do any good – but I will try it anyway. I have to do something.” 

Now, “x” could be anything – even taking this course! If you hold doubts about the choices you make – you are not going to see the results you seek.

Whatever decisions you make …

  • Whether it is to look at your eyes to detect causes
  • Or feel the sore spots in your feet
  • Or track the meridians that lead to problematic teeth
  • Or pursue a therapy to release trauma like energy healing or TRE or …

I say to you – embrace them wholeheartedly. You chose a course of action because your intuition told you to walk down that path. Trust your intuition.

If you think and know in your heart, mind and soul that you are taking the right action, your “right” thinking will have a profound impact on your the success of whatever choices you make.

The system of medicine as we know it today is a logical development out of the fallacy that healing power resides in extrinsic sources. This belief translates into making appointments with health care professionals to fix the problem.   

There is nothing wrong with this strategy. We have all pursued it. We can sometimes get rewarded with a welcome, though temporary relief from symptoms. Unfortunately, relief is temporary.

True healing that lasts over the long run. Its potential resides within each of us.

 Beliefs and Thoughts as Primary Causes

Possibilities of beliefs that are not in your best and highest good which can be  connected to, for example, dizziness.

“I never have enough time.”

“I carry the weight of others on my shoulders”

This shifts the energy toward the top of the body from the feet. 

“Since others cannot bear the burden of their guilt, suffering and pain, I will take it on for them.”

You are carrying a monkey on your back!

About the Power of Thoughts

Until you clean up thoughts that are not in your best and highest good, toxins will stick to your tissues like glue.

Excellent resource that gives overview of the power of thoughts and muscle testing:

Power vs Force by David Hawkins

I retrieved a free download of his book from my library.

Truth and Integrity

I used to believe that everything I thought, heard and read was true.

Today I believe that most everything I thought, hear and read is probably far from the truth.

Why hold thoughts so closely to our chest that we believe are so correct and true in every respect?

Why embrace thoughts that are not in our best and highest good?

Why spend so much energy sabotaging ourselves with negative thinking?

I asked this last week. Here is the same question once again

What are you getting out of being sick?

What are the benefits? 

Jump Start to Recovery Class Two April 2018

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 Week Two’s Topic 

Find the Cause of Your Symptoms

Week Two Homework

Muscle Testing

Watch Lecture 27 in the online course. The lecture resource section has a PDF download on muscle testing which you can download and read). Select a muscle testing method that works for you and begin using it this week.

Explore a Second Method to Identify Causes

Use a second method to Identify the causes  of your symptoms  (choose from another of the methods covered in Section 5 of the online course you have not yet explored – could be muscle testing!).

What Will Fix Me?

Everyone wants to know the amino acid or medicine or supplement that will fix their symptoms. Evidence of a “fix” you need is everywhere. Many people on my radio show espouse one therapy or another. For example, Just take …

  • Tryptophan – Symptoms will reverse
  • 5HTP – Symptoms will reverse
  • Serotonin – Symptoms will reverse
  • NAS – Symptoms will reverse
  • Melatonin – Symptoms will reverse

I do not know about you – but I am exhausted! What is up doc anyway?

There are so Many Potential Causal Factors. Let’s consider a few

Gold Amalgams

Huge problem…as many as 42 composites of gold are used. If only one metal is used – it is better. Metal has an electrical charge … Need I say more?


Possible primary causes are:

  1. The terrain of the digestive system
  2. A long standing appendicitis infection or candida
  3. The cause of most neurological challenges is rooted in the gut. If you focus your energies anywhere – focus them on bringing your digestive system “back on line.” Probiotics are particularly beneficial in this regard.

How can this happen? The bacteria flow up through the vagus nerve.

Recent research discovery: There exist heretofore unobserved pathways throughout the body through which viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells are transported.

Chemical Sensitivities

Likely Cause: Spin Inversion

Energy field is running backwards

Potential Causes of Parkinson’s Symptoms

  • Heavy Metals like Mercury
  • Toxins
  • Infections
  • Malfunction of the Parathyroid

The Cause of Tremors is Often Heavy Metals

What happens when the electrical charge is transmitted through the neural pathways cluttered up with deposits of heavy metals like mercury?

If we were to slow down the transmission (and there are millions every second) and take a picture (which is not possible) we would see something like a fireworks display.

The charge blasts into the heavy metal deposit and is dispersed in all directions

The charge sometimes bounces back.

Isn’t it now obvious why tremors would result? The cause here is not a dopamine deficiency – it is heavy metal deposits.

Why don’t the tremors resolve when the heavy metals are cleared?

Again, think logically here. The electrical charge has been continuously blasting away at the he sensitive myelin sheath – that sensitive fatty covering which insulates the neurons. Over time, it thins and short circuits.

A neural pathway with myelin sheaths  thin over time and short circuits the electrical charge. The electrical impulse scatters – causing tremors.

Malfunction of the Parathyroid

Calcium deposits can wind up in the brain. Muscles get insufficient blood supply because of the build-up of calcium deposits. Tremors result.

Molecular size of medicines can be too large to be absorbed by the digestive system of many people. Taking medicines causes toxic overload problems for some people. They also cause nutrient depletions.

If weakness and mobility an issue – most likely cause is a liver issue

If muscles are tight and constricted – most likely cause is a gall bladder problem.

Trapped Emotions Underpin Physical Problems


Likely Cause: Clinging onto emotions that need to be released.

Liver is Diseased or Overloaded with Toxins
Likely  Cause: Suppression of emotions. Need to “talk them out.”

Lyme Disease
Likely Cause: Early Unresolved Trauma

Cause of Stress

Disharmony between the heart and the head


Jump Start to Recovery Class One April 2018

Jump Start to Recovery Class One

April 2, 2018

On occasion we will be disconnected – When this happens connect back in (phone or computer). You do not need a computer to connect.

All programs are recorded. The link to hear/watch the class is the same link as the live program.

Links for the classes are different for each class. The phone number to call is always the same.

I will connect with each of your personally each class session. If you do not want to talk or discuss anything – just say so! Some people get just as much out of a class from listening as talking.

You can always type in a question or topic you would like to discuss in the “box” located on the left lower side of the course page. Questions can be submitted anytime once you have the link – or sent during the class. I will check the submissions before I conclude the class.

Do you have questions or topics you would like to me and/or others to address and discuss? Email me them. I will include a response into the next class.

The www.Udemy.com online Jump Start to Recovery course constitutes your course materials. Downloads of all the books and other free resources are accessed from the course page. If you have not registered for the free online course, be sure to do so today.

If you have problems with the free registration after clicking on the link I provided, email support@udemy.com

The staff will help you get connected.

About Me

Graduate of:

Vanderbilt University (BA)

Cornell University (MPA)

Michigan State University (PhD)

  • Former US Navy Officer (Puerto Rico) and Assistant County Manager in Virginia
  • Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin Business School
  • Professor University of Kentucky
    Public Policy School
  • Founder of Parkinsons Recovery in 2004.
  • My mother and uncle were both diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
  • My motivation and passion for researching natural methods to reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s is inspired by what happened to my mother and uncle.


  1. Get a baseline of your symptoms


  1. Select one of the methods to evaluate the cause of your symptoms and see what result you get.

(Methods are reviewed in the “causes” section of the Udemy Online Course).

Reading and Comments on Your Goals
(No Names Used!)

Ask Yourself:

What are the aggravating factors that persist in spinning you out of balance?

  • Wrong medicines?
  • Nutrient depletions?
  • Bad nutrition?
  • Continued exposure to toxins?
  • Thoughts?
  • Anxiety?
  • Stress?
  • Taking on the pain of others?
  • Guilt?
  • Suppressed Anger?
  • An emotional wound that has not been healed?

About Causes

Many people hold the belief that there is only one physical issue (or one emotional issue) that is “whacking” everything out in the body.

There are typically many.

The causes do not each have equal influence. There are complicated causal influences at play which involve hundreds of interactions.

Causal factor A influences B influence C influence D … There is a cascade of influences. It helps greatly to identify the originating causes (physical, mental, emotional, traumas).

The Originating Cause is Seldom a Mystery

 Most people I have worked with know the originating cause. They just do not accept of trust the wisdom of their own intuition.

However, the body cannot necessarily tackle the most immediate cause first (such as detoxing). Antecedent causes are best addressed first (such as for example healing your kidneys).

Critical Connection Between Toxins and Trauma

You have to address both to be successful.


Toxins are the body’s natural way to sustain your life force when the trauma becomes too much to tolerate. 

 Send me emails of your discoveries. I will read it during the class (without identifying you) with your permission and always offer comments on your discoveries.


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