Jump Start to Recovery Class Four April 2018

 Important Announcement

The time for next week’s class – our fifth and final celebration of recovery – will kick off three hours later – at 3:00 pm pacific time – instead of our usual class time of 12:00 noon pacific time.

Why? 12:00 noon the last Monday of each month is the time for the Parkinsons Recovery member support group gathering (as many of you already know who are members). Since next Monday is the last Monday of the month – it is the regularly scheduled time for the support group.

Week Four Homework

Do one of the methods (you have not yet tried) for releasing trauma that is covered in Section Seven of the Online Jump Start to Recovery Course.

You can employ a therapist to “hold” you during the release or simple select a method you can do yourself – one that does not require the assistance of a health care practitioner.

Summary and Overview Trauma

Most people dismiss the impact of past traumas they have experienced. I certainly have.

Many people are not aware of traumas they have experienced that continue to affect them today (e.g.: birth traumas, trauma in embryo, etc.)

Oh. OK so what you say. Everyone in life has problems. I am no different.

I got through it all. Most people do.

I am OK now.

I am successful.

Why do I want to re-visit unpleasant experiences? I spent my entire life working on forgetting them – putting them to the side.

Acknowledging my past traumas will just make the problem worse, won’t it?

Let’s get onto with it. The past is done.

There is a “tiny” problem with refusing to acknowledge past traumas. Trauma has a huge impact on our physical body and in particular the physiological configuration of our brain.

The impact of trauma is not just emotional. It has profound physical impacts.

Trauma shrinks the volume and functionality of organs located in the brain: the amygdala, hippocampus and ventromedial pre-frontal cortex.

Trauma pumps a continuous, uninterrupted infusion of cortisol.

What happens when for example the hippocampus shrinks and loses functionality?

The hippocampus helps us distinguish past and present memories. When the ability to distinguish past and present memories is handicapped, we are “set off” and “triggered” when confronted with situations that only remotely resemble past traumas.

In other words:

The most unusual circumstances and incidents set us off into a tail spin of anxiety, fear and stress.

Trauma sets the gears in continuous motion of the sympathetic nervous system – the flight – fight energy. We are consistently on guard and on alert. You never know when a wild bear may confront you!

Most people want to know how to fix the problem now – and I mean today. They want evidence and confirmation that a specific therapy will make them well. The urgency of the sympathetic nervous system never stops grinding. This sets the nervous system on fire.

Many traumas do not have clear labels. Our memory of them is usually distorted for better or worse.

Or, they might have occurred at such an early age that there are no words that can be used to describe what happened to us.

Traumas can be abuse that is:

  • Mental
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • All of the above

How do you release traumas that you cannot even begin to understand on a mental level?


Releases – whatever form they take – are not on a mental level. They happen on a much deeper level – a place of no words. You might describe the place of release as the energetic body – and it is that, but more than that.

It is the place of setting clear intentions.

Use your intention to let go of any and all traumas you have experienced in your life.

Let go and release of any and all:

  • Anger
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Sorrow
  • Regret
  • Pain
  • Suffering

You have unconsciously been holding onto for whatever reason. Keeping all of this (and more) close to your chest drains your energy and stifles your life force.

I discuss in a series of lectures on the Jump Start Online Course materials various methods that can be accessed to release traumas (whether physical, mental or emotional) that have been stuck to your cells with energetic super glue.