Shut Down Anxiety

Everyone who experiences the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease is well aware that anxiety fuels their symptoms. When stress is brought under control and you shut down anxiety, symptoms become far less troublesome.

Everyone also knows that medicines and supplements have the potential to suppress symptoms in the short run. Unfortunately, they offer little promise of long lasting effectiveness. What in the world can deliver on this promise? Are there any natural solutions out there?

My answer is yes. A wide variety of very effective methods to reduce anxiety exist. They will be previewed one by one in my Shut Down Anxiety course.     

Tuition for Shut Down Anxiety

Shut Down Anxiety  introduces methods, strategies and techniques that have been shown to quiet anxiety. They turn down the volume of the overactive flight-fight  sympathetic nervous system that inflames neurological difficulties. I did not invent these techniques. They have been extracted and simplified from an extensive body of contributions by experienced practitioners and researchers..

A bonus of the course is a download of my book Halt Anxiety with Proven Techniques which covers a wide variety of simple techniques that help reduce anxiety. There is no doubt that using these techniques provides relief from anxiety. Every little bit of help counts for something. You will receive the download of this book to your computer immediately after registering for the course.

The content of my Shut Down Anxiety course introduces natural, self administered therapies and techniques that achieve relief that is long lasting rather than temporary.  It focuses on ways that cut to the core of shutting down what drives you crazy with relentless anxiety.

Partly what sustains and inflames anxiety is unresolved trauma whether physical, mental or emotional. None of us can ever change or erase traumas of the past. But, there are highly effective methods that make it possible to release, remove and detach their debilitating impact. Once released, anxiety is shut down.

Many former students have asked to know more about how they can let go of the grip past traumas have had on them and to get unrelenting stress under control. This course is in response to these requests. Once the fuel of unresolved trauma that inflames anxiety is exhausted, a relief from symptoms follows.

Sometimes is is impossible to know why we are so anxious all the time.  Approaches and techniques will be covered in the course which bring to the surface the underlying sources of anxiety that are entirely unknown and release their grip on us.

Six live classes will convene on Sundays beginning December 15, 2019 at 12:00 pm Pacific time (USA) and continue for the following five Sundays December 22, December 29, January 5, January 12 and January 19. I am your instructor.

Course participants can join the live classes using their phones or computers to get all of questions answered about any of the methods, ideas and techniques I will discuss. There are local call in phone numbers for most countries.

Some participants will be unable to attend the live classes.Replays and note for all classes are available after each class concludes. I personally address any and all issues and concerns that may be up for you during the course through email correspondence or during the live classes.  

Tuition for Shut Down Anxiety

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease