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Videos of the presentations at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico were edited and mastered into DVDs. Videos of individual presentations can now be purchased for $12 USD. Alternatively, the video set of all nineteen (19) presentations are available as a package for $114 (a 50% discount).

 DVDs of Santa Fe Parkinsons Recovery  Summit Presentations

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Nineteen (19) DVDs  of Santa Fe Summit presentations
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Ed Gray
21st Century Therapy for 21st Century Parkinson’s
Live, Laugh and Move!


Utilizing State of The Art Technology from Switzerland, the GigerMD is helping persons with Parkinsons symptoms regain coordination and retrain their body to perform coordinated movements, creating a stronger sense of wholeness and strength. Ed Gray, of GIGER MD Movement Therapy Center in Boca Raton FL, introduces participants to the new technologies and trainings that have helped many Parkinson’s patients regain their mobility and Quality of Life.

DVD of Ed Gray’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Randy Eady
Wisdom From Below: “Practically Subtle” Energy and Restorative Earthing

This interactive presentation is delivered in two readily accessible segments: 1st half of class is “Biological Presence”; 2nd half is “Consciousness and Healing Practice”. In total, participants experience conscious design and subtle energy elements in a process called Ancient Walking to Primal Rhythms movement. The workshop uses stone-stepping/grounding technique to enhance awareness of biological presence to awaken the body’s antennae: the feet. This helps to energetically balance the Central Nervous System.

This workshop introduces movement protocols that have clinically been shown to improve balance, breathing and circulation. These design components emulate ancient stone reflexology pathways found throughout Asia and enhance the effect of Earthing (or grounding) with specific patterns of stone and crystal (customized for Parkinson Recovery) that encourage magnetic resonance and balance with the earth’s natural polarity.

DVD of Randy Eady’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Robert Bonham
HeartMath: See How Your Mind Affects Your Health


When the signals between our heart and brain are in coherence, health is supported and our ability to deal with stress improves. The key to this is staying in a state of appreciation and love rather than judgment. The Institute of HeartMath has developed highly effective biofeedback technology that allows us to know when we are “in the zone,” when our hearts and brains are in coherence. With the clear guidance from the biofeedback signals, consistent practice will lead to increasingly more beneficial health results.

This presentation explains the meaning of coherence, describes health outcomes, and demonstrates the technology. Research clearly identifies numerous beneficial health outcomes. These include a significant improvement in quality of memory, the ability to maintain attention and to respond effectively to stressful situations, and decreases in depression and anxiety.

DVD of Robert Bonham’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Johan Boswinkel
Your Own Light Can Heal Anything


Every cell emits 100,000 light impulses per second. These light impulses are called biophotons which are information packages. All biochemical reactions in your body are controlled by this light. If there is a disturbance in this light, wrong biochemistry is going to be the result and thus one will experience symptoms.

In this light all information of your body is contained and can be used for healing of any condition. This is done by asking the body to inform us what is wrong, then give it the information that it needs to heal itself.

Johan Boswinkel, expert in this field for more than 30 years and inventor of the Chiren, explains how light can be used to heal the body of imbalances that cause disease and illness. erful techniques of the body.

DVD of Johan Boswinkel’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

John O’Dwyer
Releasing Pain and Emotional Stress

See how emotional issues, illness and pain are tied together. Learn how – and why – we are all affected by emotional stress (some stress is even inherited), then learn about these “newer” methods which my wife Dorothy, with PD, and I have personally used with practitioners to eliminate emotional and physical pain, often quickly:

  • Emotional Freedom Techniques® (EFT®) – this method is quite well known
  • Quantum Neurological Reset Therapy (QNRT), one of several methods based on the work of German cancer researcher Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D., who linked emotional trauma to all diseases
  • The Healing Code™, described in a book whose co-author, an M.D., was cured of “incurable” ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) in about 3 months by using this method
  • The Emotion Code™, of which I am a certified practitioner, is described in a book by a doctor whose simple method permanently releases “trapped emotions”

All of these methods have reversed many “incurable” diseases and ailments by allowing the immune system to begin healing the body when traumatic stress is released. Some of these you can do yourself and others require a trained practitioner.

DVD of John O’Dwyer’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Kristen Harper
Nutritional Balancing Science, A Natural Heavy Metal Detox for Parkinsons

Nutritional Balancing Science is a new system of healing designed to heal the body naturally of health ailments at deep levels without the use of medications by balancing the minerals in the cells of our bodies.  It consists of a Hair Analysis Interpretation and a Nutritional Balancing program.  Clients mail their hair samples to Perfect Health Consulting Services, LLC. We interpret hair tests for any mineral imbalances and then work with Dr. Lawrence Wilson who has over 30 years of experience to design a Nutritional Balancing Program to balance body chemistry.  Our Nutritional Balancing program includes 5 recommendations to balance mind, body, and spirit: Diet, Supplements, Lifestyle, Detoxification, and Meditation.  The presentation addresses:

  1. What is Nutritional Balancing Science and Hair Analysis
  2. How Nutritional Balancing is completely different from drug medicine, hormone therapy, chelation, naturopathy, holistic medical care and more.
  3. What we find on hair tests with those that have Parkinson’s and how Nutritional Balancing can heal those with Parkinson’s by eliminating heavy metals from the body safely and naturally.

DVD of Kristen Harper’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Sharry Edwards
The Many Faces of Parkinsons

Is Parkinson’s a catch-all phrase used to dismiss a myriad of symptoms that can’t be otherwise clarified, managed or reversed? Parkinson’s (and other cell signaling stress) has become epidemic.

For the last several years Sound Health Research Center in Ohio has been evaluating people who have been diagnosed as having PD. The results show that our protocols can influence the reversal of PD symptoms including tremors, muscle spasms and strength, and the loss of olfactory function. Our intention is to use these positive outcomes to help you support your body’s self-healing potential through Vocal Profiling software and evaluation.

There are Many Faces of Parkinson’s: Lyme’s, Tetanus, allergies, inflammation, Stiff Man’s Disease, inability to process glutathione, lack of B5 functionality, color stimulation, sulfur stress.  We also share information showing that GMO foods are taking an incredible toll on our body’s ability to function. We discuss how to evaluate the root causes and relationships of Parkinson’s symptoms to genetics, trauma, inflammation, medications, cell signaling, biochemicals and their corresponding receptors.

DVD of Sharry Edward’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Jaclyn Gisburne
Neuro Feedback

Jaclyn Gisburne considers Parkinsons to be a condition of extreme overwhelm of the central nervous system caused by certain types of traumatic events and belief systems set in place by events in a person’s life beginning before the age of 5. She and her colleagues have identified three specific traumas that occur prior to the onset of symptoms of Parkinson’s, and a final trauma with the delivery of the diagnosis. These traumatic events result in brain wave distortions designed to ensure the survival of the person until resolution can be achieved. However, if that resolution is not found, the distortions continue to run denying access to dopamine reserves. The body becomes exhausted by the stress and continues to decline.

DVD of Jaclyn Gisburne’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Parkinsons Recovery Panel
What Does It Really Take to Reverse the Symptoms of Parkinsons Disease?


What does it really take to recover? Get the answers from the experts. A distinguished panel of pioneers of recovery discuss the various ways that have enabled them to reverse their symptoms. Bianca Molle, Judith Lynne, Gord Summer, Marlene Lindstrom, Holly Hughes, John Baumann, Bernadette Baumann, Jo Rosen, John O’Dwyer. The panel is moderated by Robert Rodgers

DVD of the Summit Panel Discussion
(for television viewing)

Kevin Lockette
Movement Strategies and Applying Movement & Exercise Parkinson’s Research to Every Day Life

This session will apply the latest movement and exercise research to persons with Parkinson’s Disease. A brief review of the latest research will be presented but in a pragmatic, applicable format. The goal of this workshop is to leave participants with improved ability to stave off motor symptoms, improve overall mobility and reduce falls.

DVD of Kevin Lockette’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Bianca Molle

One Stop Shopping for Healing

Zhineng, Wisdom Healing, or Chi-lel Qigong involves slow body movement, meditation, sound, and color visualizations. It has successfully healed conditions like Parkinson’s, Lyme Disease, diabetes, asthma, scoliosis, depression and many more. Most who come to this practice, come with the intent of physical healing. Many receive that and so much more: equanimity, confidence, joy, and a general sense of expanded well-being.

Bianca is no stranger to challenge. As parent of one autistic son and teacher of regular and special education for over twenty-five years, Ms. Molle employed creative improvement strategies on a regular basis. Her diagnosis with Parkinson’s Disease allowed her to apply these skills successfully, in tandem with Qigong, to facilitate her own full recovery.

DVD of Bianca Molle’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Judith Lynne
Your Voice: The Premiere Tool for Health and Happiness

© 2013 Judith Lynne All Rights Reserved

Vocal EnergeticsTM for PD is a holistic approach that develops and uses the voice as a powerful tool for healing and mindfulness meditation. Drawing on 43 years of esoteric study combined with a lifetime emersion in music and the voice, I created Vocal EnergeticsTM 20 years ago. Following my diagnosis with Parkinson’s, I tailored this program specifically with the needs of People With Parkinson’s in mind.This video offers a basic introduction to Vocal EnergeticsTM for PD as well as an excellent support tool for your regular practice of the exercises.

DVD of Judith Lynne’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

John and Bernadette Baumann
Parkinsons and the DECIDE SUCCESS Action Steps

The Mapping Phase of DECIDE SUCCESS involves three action steps: Assessment, End-Vision and Daily Actions. If you have been diagnosed with Parkinsons, you are well aware of the things you used to be able to do, but no longer can. But there are things you can still do. You need to first re-assess and identify your remaining talents, abilities, strengths and interests. Based upon those attributes, you need to engage in an End-Vision. Actually project yourself into the future and experience what you want to be. Finally, you need to break down what will get you from here to there into daily actions. The D.R.E.A.D. Daily Actions demonstrate the things I need to do every day to live life to the fullest with Parkinsons. My End-Vision is to be the slowest progressing Person with Parkinsons in the annals of medical history.

Here is what D.R.E.A.D. stands for (and, make no mistake about it, I sometimes, as the name implies, dread doing these things):

  • D – Diet and hydration
  • R – Rest and stress reduction
  • E – Exercise beyond your comfort zone
  • A – Attitude and addressing depression
  • D – Drugs, if necessary, as prescribed

Bernadette discusses the importance of untraditional timing, 7:1 protein to carb rationing, animal proteins and its relationship to levadopa – carbadopa, micronutrients. She will offer examples of specific exercise and discuss the research she has learned, not to mention her biggest success story, her husband John.

DVD  of John and Bernadette Baumann’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Suzanne Jonas
Connecting with Your Inner Healer

It is common knowledge now that our mind constantly affects our body. Many people with illnesses/diseases have discovered the magic of using their own mind and imagination for decreasing symptoms and healing, often completely recovering from incurable conditions. This play shop focuses on the use of imagery and sound to connect to the Healer within you so you can become an intentional ‘alchemist’ for your own healing.

DVD of Suzanne Jonas’ Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Heal Your Immune System / Heal Your Parkinson’s Disease
Low Dose Naltrexone – “A Modern Wonder Drug?”

I was first diagnosed with PD in 2008, although my non-motor symptoms started about 20 years before that time. I am one of the unlucky 10% of people with PD who has the LRRK2 gene, yet I am happy to report that I no longer take any PD meds except for Azilect. Through a great deal of my own research in 2008 I discovered LDN, an inexpensive, generic, FDA approved drug that kick-starts the body’s autoimmune system to do what it was meant to do in the first place – to keep our bodies “disease free”. I have been taking LDN for four and a half years now and have had remarkable results. My neurologist continues to be amazed at my lack of disease progression. On my most recent appointment, she said I was the BEST that she has ever seen me since my first appointment with her. To my Neurologist’s amazement, rather than having symptom “progression”, I have had symptom “reversals” of almost all of my long list of motor and non-motor PD symptoms that are both measurable and remarkable. She now calls me “The Poster Child for LDN”. While many other doctors and research scientists who are familiar with the drug, have hailed LDN as “the best thing since penicillin”, since it is helpful for a multitude of chronic diseases, including Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. How can this be? LDN does not “cure” our disease – it is our own Immune System that does all the work! I am excited to share with all of you my own remarkable journey towards healing a disease that medical science has labeled as “incurable”.

DVD of Lexie’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Mingtong Gu
San Francisco
Qigong for Parkinsons


Master Mingtong Gu leads a Qigong workshop for persons who currently experience the symptoms of Parkinson’s and caregivers, providing the tools and training to bring a Qi approach to health and healing. Learn how Qigong connects the mind and the body to awaken mental clarity, to improve body balance and movement, and to sustain daily activities –functions that can be greatly impacted by Parkinson’s. Designed for beginner to advanced students, Master Gu will explore how this ancient eastern practice recognizes “qi” (pronounced chee) or energy within and around each person and, how disease and aging interrupt the flow of Qi. Participants will learn the gentle movement, meditation and sound of Wisdom Healing Qigong to direct this energy flow for greater health and happiness. Starting your own Qigong personal practice can also support western treatment, as neuroscientists can now map that a practice like Qigong can help form new neural pathways in the brain.

DVD of Mingtong’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Holly Hughes
Self Meditate: A Daily Dose of Qi Energy

Have you ever truly considered the power of your mind to shift your body’s experience? Do you give the credit to your mind and soul it deserves to be involved in the human experience? What is possible if you allow visualization and belief to navigate the physical issues in your body??

“SELF MEDITATE” addresses the power of meditation to shift the body’s experience. As with many diseases, patients diagnosed with PD are almost immediately put on drugs to ‘mask’ symptoms in order to ‘feel better’. One main drawback of jumping to synthetic meds is that pharmaceuticals address only one aspect of the human experience: the body. The sacrifice of mindset and emotions and the spiritual journey is a high price to pay when accepting the doctor’s prescription of meds. Not to mention additional innumerable physical and psychological side effects alongside the drug only ‘masking’ symptoms and ultimately, becoming ineffective.

Through the practice of visualization and engaging the body’s senses, meditation instigates areas of the brain to produce responses on levels beyond the physical body. Encouraging activity in certain parts of the brain has been shown to relieve Parkinson’s Disease and many other neurological conditions over time.

In this presentation you learn how to create a whole body experience through meditating using your own life force energy called Qi and learn about your body’s energy centers, called chakras, and how to engage the relationship between your energetic body and your whole self; body, mind, soul, emotions using visualization and expressive yoga movement.

DVD of Holly Hughes Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Peter Doyle
New York
Chinese Scalp Acupuncture (CSA)

Peter Doyle is a Licensed Acupuncturist, Chinese herbalist and CSA specialist. Come learn how this modern take on a 5,000 year old art is used to treat Parkinson’s. Explore its theory, development and application. Learn where you can go for treatment and discuss the clinical relevancy of this contemporary tool in integrative care.

DVD of Peter Doyle’s Summit presentation
(for television viewing)

Healing for Trauma and Stress
Robert Rodgers, Deborah Russell, Suzanne Jonas, Robert Bonham, Judith Lynne

 DVD of Healing Trauma and Stress
(for television viewing)

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