Tame Tremors

I am pleased to report that I have documented a wide variety of natural therapies, methods and treatments that prove successful in suppressing tremors. They fall into a various categories including herbs, supplements, tinctures, ketone esters, sound therapy, energy medicine and many others.

It is so important to find methods that to tame your tremors. Unchecked they sustain unrelenting stress. And, when stress refuses to release them tremors always get worse. The cycle is endless unless checked.

        1. Tremors cause reoccurring stress.
        2. Taming them reverses this vicious cycle.

The challenge for members of the global Parkinsons Recovery audience is that these wonderful ideas and suggestions are scattered all over the place, buried in my many thousands of blog posts and replays of 10 years of over 250 radio show interviews.

So, I have decided to offer a new 2019 course that focuses on how to tame tremors naturally. It organizes, explains and updates the most successful strategies, therapies and treatments that have been reported by persons who themselves experience tremors. Tame Tremors includes a free download of Treatments for Tremors.

You are warmly invited to join me. Classes launch Wednesday, March 20th at 12:00 noon pacific time and continue the consecutive five Wednesdays for a total of six live classes with me.  Replays and notes are available for all classes.  Visit the page below to claim your seat before the course fills up.

Tame Tremors 
Tuition $128

P.S. The course will not address prescriptions medications which fall into the domain of medical doctors, so any issues or questions about medications will need to be addressed with your doctor.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery