Tame Tremors

A decade of hosting 250 guests on Parkinsons Recovery Radio has made it possible to document a  variety of natural treatments to tame tremors that have proven successful. They fall into a various categories including herbs, certain foods, CBD oil, tinctures, ketone esters, light and sound therapies, energy medicine and many others.

Tame Tremors 
Tuition $128
Class Starts Tuesday December 3rd 

It is surprisingly helpful to embrace natural methods that tame tremors. Unchecked they sustain unrelenting stress. When we are unable to reduce the intensity of stress  tremors always get worse. The cycle is endless unless checked. The vicious cycle is familiar to everyone.

        1. Tremors cause reoccurring stress.
        2. Stress inflames the tremors.
        3. Taming tremors helps reverse this vicious cycle.

The challenge for members of my global Parkinsons Recovery audience is that natural treatments for tremors are scattered all over the place, buried in my many thousands of blog posts and replays from 10 years of my many Parkinsons Recovery radio show interviews.

This year I am offering a course that focuses on the therapies that have been most successful for persons experiencing Parkinson’s symptoms.  It organizes, explains and updates the most successful strategies, therapies and treatments that have been reported by persons who themselves experience tremors. Some of the methods have just emerged over the past year. Some have been practiced for centuries. We do not have yet a great deal of evidence on their effectiveness, but early reports are very encouraging. I want everyone to know about these new developments.

Included in the course is a download of my book Treatments for Tremors which is transmitted as a digital download when you register for the class.

You are warmly invited to join me. The six live classes with me convene Tuesdays and Fridays during December: December 3rd, 6th, 10th, 13th 17th and 20th. All classes convene at the same time: 12:00 pm pacific time USA.  Replays and notes are available for all classes Visit the page below to register.

Tame Tremors 
Tuition $128
First Class is Tuesday December 3rd 

P.S. The course will not address prescriptions medications which fall into the domain of medical doctors, so any issues or questions about medications will need to be addressed with your doctor.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
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