Rock Solid Walking

Are you sometimes anxious because of a fear you might …

  • Freeze
  • Trip
  • Stumble
  • Fall

When these fears rear their ugly head the possibility of falling, freezing, stumbling  and tripping becomes even more likely. Ugh! Many practical solutions to mobility challenges do exist. I have documented what people with Parkinson’s report helps their walking to become rock solid.

Three suggestions float to the top of importance that offer solutions to poor posture, the disconnect between the mind and the body and issues with grounding.  They are important because they are effective. I want you to know about them because you have probably never heard about them.

rock solid walking videos

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Rock Solid Walking Online Course

Selected for inclusion in this comprehensive online course are the most useful tips, strategies, therapies and suggestions I have documented during the past decade and a half. Many are taken from the wisdom of guests on Parkinsons Recovery Radio.

I want everyone to know about the many proven techniques, therapies and strategies that offer the promise of reducing the troubling consequence of falling, freezing and tripping. It is high time to stop worries about having to make visits to hospital emergency rooms because of broken bones, sprains or muscle tears.

The strategies, suggestions and tips for walking have been taken from the wisdom of two primary sources: individuals with Parkinson’s symptoms and knowledgeable health care professionals. Guests who experience Parkinson’s symptoms have revealed how they have succeeded in improving their own gait, walking pace and overall stability. Ideas, therapies and strategies I have learned from my interviews offer creative and simple ways to walk once again with ease and confidence.

Physical therapists and other health care professions who work with persons with Parkinson’s symptoms  offer practical suggestions that they use with their patients. These remarkable insights are incorporated into the course curriculum.


Course Overview

Ease of mobility is derailed when there is a disconnection between the mind and the body. This course covers how to restore this connection.


The Fundamentals

Discover tried and true strategies that make it possible for walking to be balanced, centered, stable and safe every time.


A reason for falling, tripping and freezing is a lack of grounding. The human energy field that supports the physical body is top heavy. Center of gravity is at the front of the  body. Discover ways to balance and center the energy field.


Feet need to be flexible and malleable for walking to be rock solid. Locations of rigidity in the bottom of your feet give important clues about why mobility is compromised.


Light can have an immediate effect on effortless mobility. Exposure to specific light frequencies and colors will shift walking from being awkward to effortless.


Sometimes a limitation or obstruction of peripheral vision accounts for mobility challenges. Wearing glasses can correct distortions in peripheral vision. Other times it is a question of where you focus when walking.


Studies find that listening to music with well defined beats and rhythms facilitates a steady and reliable pace of walking.


Studies report that mindfulness promotes walking that is rock solid. Become totally aware of the “now” experience rather than regretting the past or worrying about the future.



Exercises are introduced that address specific problems with mobility including poor posture, rigidity, freezing and shuffling.

The online Rock Solid Walking course is accessible using any phone or computer.

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