What Really Matters

What really matters when it comes down to a successful program of recovery? 

What needs to happen to celebrate a reversal of neurological symptoms?

Results of a Parkinsons Recovery survey answer these questions. What survey you ask?

In September I sent out a one question survey to members of the global Parkinsons Recovery audience. The question asked on the survey was:

Please list below natural therapies that have helped you experience relief from symptoms of Parkinson’s disease”

I was surprised and awed with the variety and diversity of therapies reported to have been helpful. When I examined results of the survey, I asked myself the question – what is the common theme here?

The answer quickly became crystal clear. Therapies reported to have been useful in reversing Parkinson’s symptoms turn down the volume of the sympathetic nervous system (which inflames symptoms) and switch on the parasympathetic (which soothes symptoms).

There is no single approach, method or therapy that flips the switch.  Each person discovers their own unique way to make this happen for themselves. Dozens of therapies are reported to have been useful in this regard as reflected in my survey.

I decided the most meaningful contribution I can make this fall is to preview and discuss in detail what people with Parkinson’s symptoms report offers them relief from symptoms. Results of the survey inspired a new Parkinsons Recovery course offering this fall – What Really Matters.  Curriculum of my new course will be organized around the therapies, methods and approaches reported to have been useful by members of my audience in providing relief from their symptoms.

When Will  “What Really Matters” be Offered?

Sixteen classes are scheduled to convene twice a week for eight weeks on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm pacific time and Saturdays at 12:00 noon pacific beginning Wednesday October 30th.  Classes will thus continue for November and December.

How do I Access the Classes?  

Participants connect live to each of the 16 classes using a computer or  telephone. Using a computer or even smart phone is not required to participate. Local call in numbers are provided for most countries so using long distance phone charges are not necessary. Replays of all classes are available and can be accessed anytime day or night. 

Each class has a different website URL.  Participants receive an email notice from me of the URL website address for each class.  Notes for each class are provided as well.

Click on the link below to register at the early bird tuition discount which is now available.

What Really Matters
Tuition $148
Early Bird Tuition $94 Now Available

Robert Rodgers PhD
Parkinsons Recovery
Olympia, Washington