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21 thoughts on “Parkinsons Recovery

  1. Lee Ann Mudd

    Can anyone help me? The wk Sinemet changed manufacturers my husband has been having the worse side affects. Top Parkinson center can give no answers. They act as if I am making it up. He reacts 20 minutes after meds. then sleeps for hours only to start cycle all over again, he is losing memory now too. On the 31st we were tossed out of a neurolgists office for trying to get a second opinion on the side effects and the double vision. The dr. acted like he had to defend his school rather than listen and try to help. I left so humiliated, I do not know where to turn next or find a dr to at least listen. We are located in St. Louis Mo. Thank You Please get this email to the right place if I made a mistake. LA Mudd

    1. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

      What a journey you and your husband have been on. Geez. Side effects are very problematic for some people and not for others. It sounds like from your report above that you have thoroughly investigated the prescription medication option and discovered it is not helping. Worse it appears to be making the situation worse off. There are many other options that can help.

      Visit the Summit website to see a listing of some of the options that are helping people reverse Parkinsons symptoms. There are many. You would find endless support and resources at the Summit if you are looking for answers. Many people are willing to lend a helping hand.

      Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
      Parkinsons Recovery

  2. Malcolm Jordan

    Mr. Rodgers; If you want to send this or parts of this E-Mail, feel free to. Just a little back ground of me. When I was 9 or 10, I had a severe concusaion that was never checked by a Dr. I was out for a long time. During my life, I have had 4 or 5 more concussions that I was out just for a moment. I fell out of an auto a couple times. Now! I was watching foot ball on TV & before the game, they were talking about C.T.E. Head trama. First thing to pop into my mind was Parkinsons! CTE has been found to cause Alzheimer’s & Dementia.and It to is a degenerative disease.Can they be tied together.Mohammed Ali was a boxer, like a Foot Ball player, he took a head pounding. CTE can be detected with a MRI.Drs. are just starting to work on this. One of the known causes of Parkinsons is trama. Head trama’s, Drs. say. can stay hidden for weeks, months, even years. I’ve been taking Levodopa- Carbodopa for better than ten years. Some times it works & other times it does not. do you think there may be a link between the two ? Please give me your input on this. Thank You, Malcolm

    1. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

      Hi Malcolm:

      There is no doubt about it in my mind. Yes – head traumas can provoke symptoms that are associated with Parkinson’s Disease. When there is a trauma to the head, there is also whiplash which creates an energetic split in the body. The head does not communicate with the body. Many people have whiplash and are unaware of its consequences. Listen to my radio show with Johan Boswinkel, inventor of the biophotnon therapy called the chiren, who will be one of the presenters at the Santa Fe Summit. Not only does Johan discuss the effects of whiplash, but he has a new technology that makes it possible for the body to heal it naturally. Yea!

      Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
      Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease


    I listen with keen interest to your radio/recovery program (had PD for over 10 years) and invariably a presenter will give his contact info and not speak clearly or speak too rapidly. Could you please see that email addresses or phone #s or web sites are carefully disseminated? Thanks


    iam fall in perkinsons disease in the year 2010, my left hand is seviourly attack still i am not able to button my shirt my own. i can walk, my neck pains verymuch some times.require information for cure this condition and duration and amount required.
    vijay raju

    1. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

      Hi Vijay -

      I wish I could write back a simple answer to your question – but the prospects of recovery hinge on determining the causal factors first. Once you have a handle on what is causing your symptoms, you will be in a much better position to select options that can help reverse them.

      Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
      Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease

  5. italo

    I am 72 y.old from 2008 begin p.d whit a light tremor my left hand (my father was great P.D from 1961 1986).My score of updrs is 3, I use only Jumex 5 mg 1 for day+ antioxidant + dl phenylalanine+ glutatione. Now I try 10 Oxigen Ozone Terapy for my blood. My neurologist after my insistence give me LDN 3 milligrams day but don’t know it well. You can help me in order use- contrary direction? Thanks

    1. Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.

      I can expand on this question Sunday during Sunday Connections when I am host. There has been no evaluation of how each of the 16 ingredients independently influence the body’s hydration system. The researchers did determine that it is a combination of three of the ingredients in particular that seems to have the largest impact. There are a series of interviews with Leonie Hibbert, one of the developers of the Aquas on the Aquas website which contains additional information.

      Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.
      Road to Recovery

  6. bonnie holl

    i am looking for suggestions to help my husband who has been diagnosed with PD, I like the ideas about natural cures when possible. thank you

  7. Verna Cochran

    I am looking forward to the Sunday radio program with Lexie as your guest and discussion about LDN.
    Thank you.

  8. Joan Anderson - Canada

    My husband diagnosed with Parkinson’s shortly after a fall that crushed the
    substantia nigra gland – we used a wait and see method hoping it would recover enough but did not..within 2 years he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and had an allergic reaction…blood blisters all over body…neurologist had never seen it before, was no help…myself and our pharmacist did research and learned what it was, and used an alternative parkinson’s medication –

    About this time and being very interested in health at the cellular level, I met with people who had government approved alternative machines that would oxygenate the cells – CHI machine, remove positive ions, increase negative ion potential, and assist in the production of ATP…for energy..also an E.R.E.
    machine, Electromagntic Reflexology – these can be viewed on my website:….I am not selling them to you, I am trying to introduce the concept…they were created to work in the comfort of the home..they are approved by both Health Canada, and your FDA…the Chi
    oxygenates the blood, removes debris through the lymphatic system, the E.R.E. stimulates and works the muscles of the legs maintaining their cellular health, the E Power machine works on the entire body…these all work at the cellular level…in the case of my husband, we were fortunate that I could afford all 3 and I had him on a strict schedule..within 3 weeks he no longer fought me on their use, as he began to feel more energetic, his tremors reduced, we were able to cut back on the parky pills as we called them – he never did in the 12 years he suffered with this disease have any dementia….he relinquished his driving privileges with grace as he understood his reflexes while accurate were slowing…he was the light of my life…it was MRSA that took him – this is my personal testimony that I firmly believe kept his body healthy while he was dealing with the effects of reduced dopamine, and the other sympathetic hormones responsible for motor control…he walked a mile every day with a pair of walking sticks, and his disposition was joyous to see…because he knew with the aid of the 3 hours each day on the machines, he was keeping the ravages of Parkinson’s at bay…our neurologist thought we were nuts…but were we..??
    I believed we proved differently…over the 12 years that he endured this disease he was still on the lower spectrum of the medication which is no longer made….I hope you will have an opportunity to review these machines and I would be happy to furnish the science behind them as given to me by the company H.T.E. International Inc. distributing them to 18 countries world wide…the human body is an electrical /magnetic organ, with every region having its own electrical frequency for which the optimum has been measured and is mirrored in the machines to support the cell structures correctly…not less, not more…it all works together, cellular frequency, cellular nutrition, cellular oxygen levels – while I have your attention…since Parkinson’s presents as a disease that disrupts motor control of both the volunatary and involuntary a nation, we are so difficient in magnesium it is pathetic for an educated country .. without proper blood levels of magnesium, we cannot think straight, our hearts act up, our feet and legs cramps, we suffer from insomnia – magnesium supports over 700 systems in the human body…feel free to contact Dr. Carolyne Dean who has written 7 books on the vital, but most overlooked in this century…there is no way in the world you can keep your balance when suffering from a magnesium deficiency let alone fight a disease that has wiped out the very nutrient that talks between the brain and the muscle….now I may not be explaining this right I am only a housewife, and am in my second year of recovery from widowhood…I hope you will have an open mind…that while a cure may be around the corner, my goal for my husband was to keep his cellular structure as healthy as possible so that he his cells would be able to respond to such a cure if and when it comes…in his case he was vital and strong one minute, had a dreadful fall that crushed the back of his head, and
    by the time he recovered physically from the fall, had to face the onset of Parkinson’s because the substantia nigra had been crushed…thank you if you have gotten this far….

  9. Susanne Bergstrom, RN, DOM

    I am full of lead and chelating after an eye-opening provocative urine test, showing the max upper limit for lead, but also high in mercury and cadmium.
    Why don’t you include information on HBOT? It was advised that I do this to help the chelation process (slowly of course) but also to repair damage to the brain, which it has been proven to do. One can also buy their own chamber to do treatments at home because a professional visit is very expensive, like 2k per visit, at least that’s what some of the hospitals charge! They are 1/3 of the effect of a chamber at a clinic, but more affordable and one of the companies provides credit.
    Dr. Amen has SPECT (functional brain) scans on his website. From all the reading I’ve done people don’t always completely recover from PD, but this might help as Amen has reversed brain damage. Just a thought.


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