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Parkinsons Recovery provides information about options that help people with Parkinson’s disease reverse their symptoms

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2 thoughts on “Parkinsons Recovery

  1. Rich Hawkes

    need help with depression and hopelessness.First just accepted now consuming. Worked till 70. Just retired to get hit with this. I want a normal life.



    Ten Resolutions for the New Year

    Make a commitment to trust yourself!

    1. I create my life.
    2. My intention is to create health and wellness for myself.
    3. I admire people who have recovered from Parkinson’s disease.
    4. To have my health makes my life more enjoyable and rewarding.
    5. I get well be doing what I love.
    6. I deserve to be well because I add value to other people’s lives.
    7. I fully and completely receive the healing that is offered by my friends and family.
    8. I am truly grateful for the health that I have.
    9. Opportunities for recovery come my way every day.
    10. My capacity to recover expands with each passing day.

    Read the 10 resolutions above out loud today and every day in the next year. As your belief in the statements strengthens, prospects for recovery will also strengthen. They go hand in hand. Trust yourself. The power of the body, mind and spirit to heal is infinite.

    Paraphrased from an e-mail by: Robert Rodgers, Ph.D.


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