Thanks for Ordering the Five Free X39 Patches

I have my fingers crossed the X39 Patches will prove beneficial to you and am so happy to learn you will be giving the X39 patches a trial run. 

You have a five day supply if you apply one patch daily. This will give you an opportunity to experience its effects for a few days. Ian Ridgeway recommends applying the patch every other day or once every three days to ease the effects of detoxing. Proceed however you think is best.

You will receive USPS tracking on the X39 shipment in your email. Although the patches are free, there is a $5 shipping charge if the shipment destination is within the United States and $20 if outside. The order will show the shipping charge on your credit card to Zero Point Healers (the LLC for Parkinsons Recovery).

Call or email me anytime.  I am happy to assist and welcome the feedback 

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery