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Thanks for Ordering the Five Free X39 Patches

I have my fingers crossed the X39 Patches will prove beneficial to you and am so happy to learn you will be giving the X39 patches a trial run. 

You have a five day supply if you apply one patch daily. This will give you an opportunity to experience its effects for a few days. Ian Ridgeway recommends applying the patch every other day or once every three days to ease the effects of detoxing. Proceed however you think is best.

You will receive USPS tracking on the X39 shipment in your email. Although the patches are free, there is a $5 shipping charge if the shipment destination is within the United States and $20 if outside. The order will show the shipping charge on your credit card to Zero Point Healers (the LLC for Parkinsons Recovery).

Call or email me anytime.  I am happy to assist and welcome the feedback 

Robert Rodgers PhD
Founder 2004
Parkinsons Recovery


The reason anxiety becomes so difficult to tame is that we are not grounded. Energy tends to  hang around the top of our body rather than the bottom. This makes us continually anxious, uneasy and unsteady.

Here is a simple technique which takes only 2 minutes which you can activate anytime to reduce anxieties that inflame symptoms. Do these simple exercises with me. You can do them sitting or standing.

Jump Start to Recovery Crash Course

Click on the Link below to receive a series of videos that present and demonstrate powerful ways to release trauma that you can do all by yourself. No visits to medical professionals required.

Jump Start to Recovery Crash Course

In the video below I explain why trauma lies at the root cause of symptoms associated with a diagnoses of Parkinson’s disease.


Has your doctor recommended that you take Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10 for Parkinson’s) along with your regular medications? Many doctors do. CoQ10 has been found deficient in persons diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Some health care professionals I have interviewed report some  medications can deplete CoQ10 in the body.

CoQ10 is no doubt a key anti-aging nutrient. It prevents free radical damage to the DNA in the mitochondria. It is also usually recommended for persons with heart issues. A 10 year longitudinal study published in the European Journal of Heart Failure reported that taking  CoQ10 improved the survival for patients who confront the constant threat of heart failure.

So it is important to start taking a CoQ10 supplement. But which which brand? There are so many choices on the market today.

I have hesitated to offer a recommendation for Coq10 until I discovered recently the research behind a Co-Q10 product produced by Pharma Nord of Denmark. First, let me explain why so many of the CoQ10 choices eat up your pocket book but offer no benefit whatsoever.

Most Coenzyme Q10 products sold today have negligible absorption rates. We are talking 1% at best. Why is this so? The melting point of CoQ10 is 10 degrees above body temperature. Most of the supplements you buy – even those in oil, have crystallized.

Pharma Nord has developed the most studied brand of CoQ10 globally. Their proprietary heat treatment process greatly facilitates absorption. More than 75 studies have now been published that document its superior absorption when compared to other brands.

The price is also reasonable. You can order the Pharma Nord Co-Q10 directly on their website. Their professional staff generously set up a 20% discount for members of my audience. You can claim this discount only if you ship to a USA destination. Enter the coupon code “PRQ10WEB“ to claim a 20% discount (not case sensitive). The 20% discount will soon be available to those of you will live in countries other than the US.

Check out the research for yourself. It is extensive and impressive.

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease