Jump Start to Recovery Class One April 2018

Jump Start to Recovery Class One

April 2, 2018

On occasion we will be disconnected – When this happens connect back in (phone or computer). You do not need a computer to connect.

All programs are recorded. The link to hear/watch the class is the same link as the live program.

Links for the classes are different for each class. The phone number to call is always the same.

I will connect with each of your personally each class session. If you do not want to talk or discuss anything – just say so! Some people get just as much out of a class from listening as talking.

You can always type in a question or topic you would like to discuss in the “box” located on the left lower side of the course page. Questions can be submitted anytime once you have the link – or sent during the class. I will check the submissions before I conclude the class.

Do you have questions or topics you would like to me and/or others to address and discuss? Email me them. I will include a response into the next class.

The www.Udemy.com online Jump Start to Recovery course constitutes your course materials. Downloads of all the books and other free resources are accessed from the course page. If you have not registered for the free online course, be sure to do so today.

If you have problems with the free registration after clicking on the link I provided, email support@udemy.com

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About Me

Graduate of:

Vanderbilt University (BA)

Cornell University (MPA)

Michigan State University (PhD)

  • Former US Navy Officer (Puerto Rico) and Assistant County Manager in Virginia
  • Assistant Professor at the University of Texas at Austin Business School
  • Professor University of Kentucky
    Public Policy School
  • Founder of Parkinsons Recovery in 2004.
  • My mother and uncle were both diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.
  • My motivation and passion for researching natural methods to reverse symptoms of Parkinson’s is inspired by what happened to my mother and uncle.


  1. Get a baseline of your symptoms


  1. Select one of the methods to evaluate the cause of your symptoms and see what result you get.

(Methods are reviewed in the “causes” section of the Udemy Online Course).

Reading and Comments on Your Goals
(No Names Used!)

Ask Yourself:

What are the aggravating factors that persist in spinning you out of balance?

  • Wrong medicines?
  • Nutrient depletions?
  • Bad nutrition?
  • Continued exposure to toxins?
  • Thoughts?
  • Anxiety?
  • Stress?
  • Taking on the pain of others?
  • Guilt?
  • Suppressed Anger?
  • An emotional wound that has not been healed?

About Causes

Many people hold the belief that there is only one physical issue (or one emotional issue) that is “whacking” everything out in the body.

There are typically many.

The causes do not each have equal influence. There are complicated causal influences at play which involve hundreds of interactions.

Causal factor A influences B influence C influence D … There is a cascade of influences. It helps greatly to identify the originating causes (physical, mental, emotional, traumas).

The Originating Cause is Seldom a Mystery

 Most people I have worked with know the originating cause. They just do not accept of trust the wisdom of their own intuition.

However, the body cannot necessarily tackle the most immediate cause first (such as detoxing). Antecedent causes are best addressed first (such as for example healing your kidneys).

Critical Connection Between Toxins and Trauma

You have to address both to be successful.


Toxins are the body’s natural way to sustain your life force when the trauma becomes too much to tolerate. 

 Send me emails of your discoveries. I will read it during the class (without identifying you) with your permission and always offer comments on your discoveries.