Step Eight: Stop Watching the News

Step Eight

Do not watch the news this week. Why? Seeing the images and hearing the stories re-traumatizes you.

Why might this little step reduce stress?

Answer: Much of the news is plastered with scenes and stories of mayhem, torture, murder and negativity. You not only learn about what horrible events have happened.

  1. You see them.
  2. You hear them.
  3. You are assaulted with world- wide suffering.
  4. You take on the suffering and pain (unconsciously) and there is nothing you can do about it. There is nothing to be gained and everything to lose.

The stimuli from the news alone sustains ongoing stress.

Taking Step Eight seriously does not mean you become uninformed! The idea here is to reduce ongoing stress.

Recall – the most important secret to recovery is to be in control of your recovery. When you watch the news on TV – guess what …

  • You are not in control.
  • You are being manipulated by subliminal messages.

Check out the research. Do a search on subliminal messages in the media. Broadcasters use a tried and true technology called NLP to manipulate your reactions to what they are communicating.

OK – you are now thinking …

BUT … I have always watched the news every night. It is my habit and routine.

I say to you – change the habit.

Instead – during the time you waste watching the news – listen to one of my 240 interviews on Parkinsons Recovery Radio. Replays are free to access.

This is a divine way to get marvelous suggestions from the experts – people who have a solid idea of what helps facilitate recovery.

The choice is thus between:

  1. Watch the nightly news. Get stressed and depressed
  2. Listen to interviews on Parkinsons Recovery Radio. Get inspired, energized and motivated to take the actions needed to help your body heal.

OR – Instead of watching the news, listen to some of the fascinating interviews on National Public Radio like Fresh Air: