Step Four: Write a Restorative Statement

Negative thoughts drag us down into the depths of the sewer. Once we have wriggled our way in we see no sunshine and no exit.

Restorative statements open up a window that allows sunshine to enter and a stairway to exit from the bubbling sewer of our negative thoughts.

Adopting someone else’s affirmations offers little value. What lifts you out of the sewer gutter is a clear statement of intention that restores your life force – not someone else’s. The restorative statement becomes yours and yours alone. It will speak to you in ways you never imagined.

How to Write a Restorative Statement

The process is actually simple. You have now written (or recorded) in Step 2 a list of thoughts that are clearly not in your best and highest good. Retrieve this list now. It will be the source of information needed to craft a restorative statement.

  1. Mark a line down the middle of a clean sheet of paper.
  2. Title the left column – “Negative Words from My List”
  3. Title the right column – “antonyms” (or a word which is the opposite of what is listed in the first column).

You can find suggestions for opposites by visiting:

Some Examples (life draining versus life giving): 

apathy versus passion
anxiety versus peace
weakness versus wholeness
failure versus success
empty versus creative
Sad versus joyful
unstable versus balance
freezing versus fiery
And so forth and so on.

You will begin to identify repetitions and patterns in the statements.

Some power phrases that can be used in restorative statements:

Owning my power
Knowing my truth
Allowing myself to be loved
Loving myself

Now – construct your personalized restorative statement using the following template:

“I thank [the universe or God or the divine – whatever term calls out to you] for (insert your first name here e.g. Robert’s) knowing and experiencing …

Make the statement short – only 2 to 4 sentences.

An example is below. This example  offers a snapshot of what a final restorative statement looks like. It is simple. Brief. Short. Best of all it will support, sustain and energize your recovery when you read it out loud every day.

“I thank the universe for Robert’s knowing and experiencing his divine ability to embrace life to the fullest. His body is in perfect working order with all systems in balance. He always speaks his truth, fully receives the love of others and is nurtured by  exciting, joyful and fascinating encounters with a community of remarkable people.”.