Step Eleven: Hip Swaying and Unwinding

Many mobility challenges are explained by restrictions of tissues and muscles due to ongoing traumas and stresses. Muscles and tissues can be so hard and tight that they feel like concrete when touched.  This is why it is so important to adopt ongoing strategies to release tension that is buried in the body so that the muscles and tissues soften.

Step Eleven introduces two techniques that accomplish this need: Hip Swaying and Unwinding.

Hip Swaying

You are likely thinking – wait just a minute buster. You want me to sway my hips? Really?

I am a adult male, not a teenager. Only teenage girls sway their hips to be sexy.

Granted, this was my belief too and a reason why I never swayed my hips. I am a man – not a teenage girl.

There are very good reasons why you should sway your hips when you walk.

Watch people when they walk. Are they moving their hips back and forth (to the left and right) or not? If their hips are stationary when they walk – which is the case for most men – there is a very good likelihood they will need a hip replacement eventually.

One very good reason to sway your hips when you walk is that you get to avoid  hip replacement surgery. A second even more important reason is that it is a gentle way to release tension that is trapped in your hip muscles.

For the most part, trauma gets “trapped” in the hips and neck. Loosen up your hips by swaying them. The tension and tightness slowly dissolves. When your tissues become softer, ease of mobility will return.

What about the tension in my neck?


I also suggest that you unwinding your neck and all the tense muscles throughout your body with unwinding. The simple technique really works beautifully. The idea is simple:

Move Your Body in the Direction of Ease

Do not force any part of your body to move in any direction where you feel resistance. Below are two videos that explain unwinding.

The first video is from one of the many videos available in the Jump Start to Recovery online course. The second is a video of Deborah’s presentation of unwinding at the Vancouver Jump Start to Recovery Summit.