Step Three: Clear and Release Unwanted Thoughts that Do Not Serve Your Best and Highest Good

Now that you have acknowledged in Step Two the negative thoughts that are deeply embedded into your subconscious, it is now time to release them.

When I refer to a transparent ball that, in your imagination, you place on the floor right in front of you, think of the ball as have a 4 foot diameter – something like a beach ball. The surface of your imaginary ball allows any and all thoughts to enter. Once they have been placed in the ball, they cannot escape or leak out.

After you complete inserting all of the thoughts that are not in your best and highest good into the ball and raise the ball higher and higher past the stars and beyond, state out loud or to yourself the following:

Release, Remove, Detach. Eject and Shield all of these thoughts that are no longer servicing my best and highest good. Watch the ball burst in a flash of gold light as you experience a delicious bath of gold light which permeates throughout your body.

Click below now to clear all of the thoughts you have acknowledged holding that do not serve your best and highest good:

I invite you to do this same meditation for four consecutive days. The surprise to me when I do my own releases is that the thoughts are always different. This guided meditation template has served me well for many years now. I employ it often when I am troubled, worried, angry, upset or even sick. The part I enjoy the most is being soaked by golden light. It always feels as thought I have purged the bad stuff that has been hanging out inside my body. I trust you will find the meditation just as useful.


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