Step Six: How to Calm Down Your Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System and Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

Step Six

The idea behind Step Six is to strengthen and enhance your midbrain by consciously altering your speech. This is a simple and powerful way to reduce the over active sympathetic nervous system and nurture your parasympathetic system. A sympathetic nervous system on over-drive is what fuels neurological symptoms.

To make the assignment fun, recruit a family member, child or friend to play a game with you every day. Here are the game rules:

  • You must always respond using full sentence. A response of “yes” or “no” or “Yea” or “ah” is forbidden.
  • Start the game with an imaginary amount of money – $100. Each time you “goof” and utter a single sound in response to the person you are talking with, $5 is deducted from the total. You receive the balance (in imaginary money) when the game is over (in 15 minutes).
  • Practice does make perfect. Michael Lovery, author of Whole Brain Power, invented this game. He tells me that people who take it seriously experience profound results. I think his approach has applications for persons who experience neurological challenges.
  • Give it a spin.
  • Nothing to lose.
  • Everything to gain.
  • Nothing to buy.
  • A new way to have fun.