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My realization after a decade of research focused on Parkinson’s …

There are many methods to suppress symptoms, but none persist over the long run.

The secret to long term success is to monitor your degree of excitation moment to moment. When anxiety, worry and stress are brought under control in the moment, symptoms will dissolve like an ice cream cone in the summer time.

When you discover ways to sooth your nervous system, bring back “on line” your parasympathetic nervous system and calm down your sympathetic nervous system as you push it to the back seat, your body is finally in a position to heal. In other words, the secret to recovery lies with your awareness of your body moment to moment.

Healing from the inside out is really not complicated.  It is only a matter of self-awareness and taking charge over your own recovery rather than letting others dictate what will “fix” you.

Medicine of the Future

I predict prescription medicines and surgeries  play a minor role. Rather, doctors will be practicing medicine using light and sound therapies. Be open to experimenting with these new and emerging therapies.

What is the Big Deal about Toxins?

Answer: It is the chief reason why many people do not succeed in reversing their symptoms

Some stories to hammer my point:

  • Installation of new $10,000 luxury carpet
  • Use of toxic hair dye for 20 years
  • Mold in the home as a cause of symptoms
  • Short circuiting in bedroom electrical wiring
  • Bed positioned above metal piping or near an electrical control panel
  • Purchase of hybrid car
  • Use of toothpaste (even if “natural”)
  • Mercury contamination in brown rice
  • Toxins in drinking water
  • Natural ingredients in packaged food (MSG)
  • Genetically modified food
  • Farm raised fish

Homework Assignment

Get serious about eliminating exposure to toxins. Take a few minutes every day to conduct a survey of toxins in your household and toxic substances you put on or in your body. Throw out anything that is not totally and completely natural.

Check your:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Soaps
  • Cleaning agents
  • Shampoos
  • All unused toxic products stored away in cabinets
  • !

Once you find the toxins – get rid of them!

What is Really Wrong with Me?

Everyone wants to know what is causing the symptoms they experience. I do! Clearly, there are primary factors that are at play that need to be acknowledged and healed.

Here is what most people do not realize:::

There are typically a surprising number of issues that the body is dealing with every moment of our existence. A myriad of issues are usually at place involving heavy metals, infections, viruses, parasites, lack of sleep – you name it.

The Bottom Line:

The body usually deals with a surprisingly large number of problems which change from year to year.

The Answer:

Adopt a healthy lifestyle so your body has all the support it needs to heal.

  • Eat live food
  • Breathe
  • Drink lots of water
  • Exercise
  • Embrace your soul’s longing
  • Have fun
  • Laugh a lot
  • Love yourself

Release Stress Instantly

  1. Drink a small glass of water.
  2. Rinse your face with cold water or place your hands in a bowl of icy cold water.
  3. Shake your entire body for 30 seconds. (Lecture 56)
  4. For seven breaths – Breathe in to the count of 4 – hold for a count of four, then breathe out to the count of 6. (Lecture 61 on Breath work)
  5. Unwind tight or restricted tissues and muscles (Lecture 57)

Do not make a big deal of doing this. Just do it when you feel anxious and stressed. The only reason it will not help is if you do not do it.

hat is the bottom line to recovery?

What is the secret to making it happen?

Most people hold near and dear to their heart the beliefs that recovery has to  …

  • Take years to unfold
  • Requires medications and supplements
  • Happens for only a select few
  • Involves expensive therapies
  • Happens only when you find the right therapist, health care practitioner or doctor who has the “secret” answer to recovery
  • Calls for outside interventions of one form or another

I too once believed all of this was true, but not now. I hold a much different belief that recovery is possible for

  • Anyone
  • Anywhere
  • Anytime

Anytime Means Now
Anytime means you notice improvements in how are feeling every day

 Why do I embrace this seemingly outrageous belief?

Many people who experience symptoms of Parkinson’s have told me about unexpected blocks of time (a few minutes, hours, days) when their symptoms disappeared completely.

Further, such reports surprisingly involve situations which cannot be explained by taking (or not taking) medications or supplements or turning on or off a DBS battery connection

 Is this a familiar circumstance for you? Have you celebrated the quieting of symptoms unexpectedly?

 If it has ever happened once for you, why I ask you cannot this happen for you all the time?

What usually happens in such situations?

Our own thoughts are our own undoing. The “thinking” process usually goes something like:

  • Wow – I feel great. I feel normal. Don’t know why but who cares?
  • Wait – this is not supposed to happen.
  • I have Parkinson’s disease. I am supposed to get worse, not better.
  • It feels a bit strange to feel so good.
  • I do not deserve to feel so damn good.

When any minor evidence of a symptom resurfaces – the thought is: Oh right. There it is again. I know I will never be rid of this. I might as well get used to it.

  • Fear sizzles throughout the cells of the body

Almost all success stories involve people who have found ways to acknowledge when …

  • Fear rears its ugly head
  • Anxiety soars
  • Stress sizzles
  • Worries rattle over and over in our mind


Once recognized, any and all unwanted feelings are quieted and calmed, allowing the physical body to return to a state of balance and harmony.

The answer lies entirely within your ability to recognize and release stress and anxiety in the moment.  In other words, you can make it happen for yourself now. This put you…

In full control over your recovery

What are the triggers in your life? What sets you off? Is it certain:

  • Smells?
  • People?
  • Strangers who look like certain people?
  • Noises?
  • Colors?
  • Shapes?
  • Words other people use?
  • Memories?
  • Touching of one type or another?
  • Invasive actions by others?
  • People who want to control you?
  • Thoughts about the future?
  • Frets about the past?

You may never intellectually understand why any of the above “sets you off” and inflames fear and/or anxiety. It just always does!

I believe the answer is not to try and sort through the reasons why (something like the smell of a certain perfume sets you off or …) but to recognize the moment you get upset and immediately …

Change the Channel

When you are watching a movie that is upsetting you – what do you do?

  1. You immediately stop watching the bad movie.
  2. Then you change the channel to something that is pleasing to your soul.

Dissolve the stress in the moment. When stress is dissolved, symptoms are transformed like an ice cream cone melting in the hot summer sun.

 Set the intention to make it so with each and every moment of your life from henceforth.

 This is why I am sending you a mindfulness challenge each and every week for an entire year. Research soundly shows that mindfulness has a direct impact on reducing symptoms. It is a clever way to switch the channel of negative thinking which stops the progress of recovery in its tracks.

 The best gift to yourself of becoming aware of your feelings each and every moment and responding to them in the moment is that the therapy is entirely free!

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