Step Twelve: Brain Cleansing

Do These Two 30 Second Activities Every Day to Cleanse Your Brain

First Activity:

Do you have access to water that is reliable and free of bacteria? We draw water from a well, so I am confident that the water is pure. If you have confidence in the quality of your tap water … Rinse your nose while
taking a shower. How?

  1. Tilt your head up.
  2. Close your left nostril with your left hand fingers
  3. Sniff in a little water into your right nostril.
  4. Then ex-hail.
  5. Then – close your right nostril with your right hand fingers.
  6. Sniff in a little water into your left nostril.
  7. Then ex-hail.

How do all of these noxious bacterial infections and viruses leak into the brain? Answer: through our nose. Do this simple cleansing every time you take a shower and the passageway used by nasty critters to contaminate your brain is closed down.

You may well rebel at this suggestion. You have sniffed into your nose before and it feels terrible! Yes – it will feel uncomfortable at first. But trust me on this. Do it every day and the discomfort will dissolve.

Better yet – your brain will thank you.

Second Activity

Lift Brain Fog by Doing the Brain Gym

Below is a video of me demonstrating how to do the brain gym which was taken at one of our Summits.

Steps are:

  1. Hold right ear lobe with your left hand.
  2. Hold your left ear lobe with your right hand
  3. Bend your legs and stoop down 7 times.

Why not do both of these every day?

Maybe you do not have enough time? Really? They take one minute out of your day.

They cost too much. Really? They are free to do.

Many people think free means it will not work. In this case – free means just the opposite.