Sound Healing: Boost Your Energy Every Day with Sound

One of the least accessed therapies that offer an instant boost to energy and overall well being is sound. No one knows this better than Judith who  experiences symptoms of Parkinson’s. She knows about the effect of sound on healing because she is an opera singer!

Here is a simple exercise that works wonders. Do it at least once every day.
Judith demonstrated this at the Parkinsons Recovery Summit in Vancouver.


Step Twelve: Brain Cleansing

Do These Two 30 Second Activities Every Day to Cleanse Your Brain

First Activity:

Do you have access to water that is reliable and free of bacteria? We draw water from a well, so I am confident that the water is pure. If you have confidence in the quality of your tap water … Rinse your nose while
taking a shower. How?

  1. Tilt your head up.
  2. Close your left nostril with your left hand fingers
  3. Sniff in a little water into your right nostril.
  4. Then ex-hail.
  5. Then – close your right nostril with your right hand fingers.
  6. Sniff in a little water into your left nostril.
  7. Then ex-hail.

How do all of these noxious bacterial infections and viruses leak into the brain? Answer: through our nose. Do this simple cleansing every time you take a shower and the passageway used by nasty critters to contaminate your brain is closed down.

You may well rebel at this suggestion. You have sniffed into your nose before and it feels terrible! Yes – it will feel uncomfortable at first. But trust me on this. Do it every day and the discomfort will dissolve.

Better yet – your brain will thank you.

Second Activity

Lift Brain Fog by Doing the Brain Gym

Below is a video of me demonstrating how to do the brain gym which was taken at one of our Summits.

Steps are:

  1. Hold right ear lobe with your left hand.
  2. Hold your left ear lobe with your right hand
  3. Bend your legs and stoop down 7 times.

Why not do both of these every day?

Maybe you do not have enough time? Really? They take one minute out of your day.

They cost too much. Really? They are free to do.

Many people think free means it will not work. In this case – free means just the opposite.


Reduce Anxiety and Stress with Breathing

Explanation of a simple way to breathe that reduces anxiety every time.

Activate breathing at least 3 times a day or more often when needed

Breathing switches off the deadly influence that negative thoughts have on symptoms

Robert Rodgers PhD
Road to Recovery from Parkinsons Disease






Step Six: How to Calm Down Your Overactive Sympathetic Nervous System and Activate Your Parasympathetic Nervous System

Step Six

The idea behind Step Six is to strengthen and enhance your midbrain by consciously altering your speech. This is a simple and powerful way to reduce the over active sympathetic nervous system and nurture your parasympathetic system. A sympathetic nervous system on over-drive is what fuels neurological symptoms.

To make the assignment fun, recruit a family member, child or friend to play a game with you every day. Here are the game rules:

  • You must always respond using full sentence. A response of “yes” or “no” or “Yea” or “ah” is forbidden.
  • Start the game with an imaginary amount of money – $100. Each time you “goof” and utter a single sound in response to the person you are talking with, $5 is deducted from the total. You receive the balance (in imaginary money) when the game is over (in 15 minutes).
  • Practice does make perfect. Michael Lovery, author of Whole Brain Power, invented this game. He tells me that people who take it seriously experience profound results. I think his approach has applications for persons who experience neurological challenges.
  • Give it a spin.
  • Nothing to lose.
  • Everything to gain.
  • Nothing to buy.
  • A new way to have fun.





Step Three: Clear and Release Unwanted Thoughts that Do Not Serve Your Best and Highest Good

Now that you have acknowledged in Step Two the negative thoughts that are deeply embedded into your subconscious, it is now time to release them.

When I refer to a transparent ball that, in your imagination, you place on the floor right in front of you, think of the ball as have a 4 foot diameter – something like a beach ball. The surface of your imaginary ball allows any and all thoughts to enter. Once they have been placed in the ball, they cannot escape or leak out.

After you complete inserting all of the thoughts that are not in your best and highest good into the ball and raise the ball higher and higher past the stars and beyond, state out loud or to yourself the following:

Release, Remove, Detach. Eject and Shield all of these thoughts that are no longer servicing my best and highest good. Watch the ball burst in a flash of gold light as you experience a delicious bath of gold light which permeates throughout your body.

Click below now to clear all of the thoughts you have acknowledged holding that do not serve your best and highest good:

I invite you to do this same meditation for four consecutive days. The surprise to me when I do my own releases is that the thoughts are always different. This guided meditation template has served me well for many years now. I employ it often when I am troubled, worried, angry, upset or even sick. The part I enjoy the most is being soaked by golden light. It always feels as thought I have purged the bad stuff that has been hanging out inside my body. I trust you will find the meditation just as useful.


© Parkinsons Recovery

Step Eleven: Hip Swaying and Unwinding

Many mobility challenges are explained by restrictions of tissues and muscles due to ongoing traumas and stresses. Muscles and tissues can be so hard and tight that they feel like concrete when touched.  This is why it is so important to adopt ongoing strategies to release tension that is buried in the body so that the muscles and tissues soften.

Step Eleven introduces two techniques that accomplish this need: Hip Swaying and Unwinding.

Hip Swaying

You are likely thinking – wait just a minute buster. You want me to sway my hips? Really?

I am a adult male, not a teenager. Only teenage girls sway their hips to be sexy.

Granted, this was my belief too and a reason why I never swayed my hips. I am a man – not a teenage girl.

There are very good reasons why you should sway your hips when you walk.

Watch people when they walk. Are they moving their hips back and forth (to the left and right) or not? If their hips are stationary when they walk – which is the case for most men – there is a very good likelihood they will need a hip replacement eventually.

One very good reason to sway your hips when you walk is that you get to avoid  hip replacement surgery. A second even more important reason is that it is a gentle way to release tension that is trapped in your hip muscles.

For the most part, trauma gets “trapped” in the hips and neck. Loosen up your hips by swaying them. The tension and tightness slowly dissolves. When your tissues become softer, ease of mobility will return.

What about the tension in my neck?


I also suggest that you unwinding your neck and all the tense muscles throughout your body with unwinding. The simple technique really works beautifully. The idea is simple:

Move Your Body in the Direction of Ease

Do not force any part of your body to move in any direction where you feel resistance. Below are two videos that explain unwinding.

The first video is from one of the many videos available in the Jump Start to Recovery online course. The second is a video of Deborah’s presentation of unwinding at the Vancouver Jump Start to Recovery Summit.